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We have been operating as a competent and reliable partner for a wide range of marking works since 1973. Markings on roads, airfields, in cities and car parks as well as industrial halls form part of our broad spectrum of services and also include asphalt and concrete milling.

Road markings

This is where it all began - with markings on national, regional and district roads. We perform works with a high level of reliability; a fact which is also ensured by our modern machine park. Our airless machines for colour markings which are capable of marking approx. 60 kilometres of roadside use around 3.50 tonnes of colour per day. The hot plastic machines that apply thick layer markings in a thickness of 3.00 mm using the extruder or screed box procedure process 3.50 tonnes of hot plastic material every day per machine.

It is only when the markings are applied that a road becomes a road, as it is through the markings that the performance of the road is guaranteed.


Road markings


Airfield markings

Airfield markingsWe carry out all marking works on regional and private airfields in the various federal states in accordance with the legal requirements of the client.



City markings

City markings Marking materials are applied both hot and cold in this area; cycle paths are marked with a friction plastic in the colour RAL 3020.


Car park markings
Car park markings These are marked with different marking substances in accordance with the client's instructions. Application is conducted with an airless machine.


Industrial hall markings

Industrial hall markings We apply the marking substances using an airless procedure, more specifically a dual-component marking material in the colour white or yellow on an epoxy resin basis. Sealing is then carried out using a two-component colourless material to give a glossy finish so that forklift trucks can drive on these surfaces.