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Public authorities:
Lower Saxony State Agency for Roads and Transport and their divisions.
Land holdings for Roads and Transport in North Rhine-Westphalia and their regional offices.
Landesbetrieb mobility Rhineland-Palatinate with their different offices.
Hessian streets and traffic management.
Landesbetrieb Schleswig-Holstein based in Kiel.
National bureau of Construction and Transport in Thuringia.
Landesbetrieb construction Saxony-Anhalt with their different offices.

In addition, we are working for various local authorities and cities in the individual federal states.

Important executed road marking works
- bypass roads-

B 252 south-bypass road Lemgo, L 751 bypass road Leopoldshöhe, city Coesfeld relief roads, city Delmenhorst relief roads, city Emden and in the city of Detmold relief roads, Emden road to VW-Werk, B68 OU Bramsche - Wallenhorst, community Saterland, city Vechta bypass road, exit road Stuhr in FR airfield Bremen, bypass road city Dinklage, bypass road Visbek, B 214 Bersenbrück - traffic-direction Holdorf, bypass road Löningen, bypass road Industriering Holdorf, east-west bypass road city of Lohne, bypass road Steinfeld-Holdorf, relief roads in Münster, Bielefeld, Coesfeld, Trier, Minden and Diepholz.

For the following industrie-companies we have realized or marking work orders in Germany or Europe:

We work for discount and food markets and their central warehouse and logistics center as well as transport companies, car parks, commercial companies, waste management companies, terminals of car shipments, industrial and metal works. Further we work as a subcontractor for various road construction companies, public and private airports, handling companies and port operations, plastics-, automotive-, paper- and cardboard-factories, as well as small and large car park and industrial areas.


For further information ask for our complete list of references.